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  when i was thirteen, i had my first love with someone that i really know . i want to tell his name but maybe next time . i really love him ! if he was absent , i will miss him so much . i will like in a jail and i will suffer in that jail when he was absent .

  but in same time my first love will broke my heart . my friend is love with someone that i really love . i don't want to hurt my friend heart . but, i really love him ! i don't want to lose him ! maybe, he was in love with my freiend too, who knows, right ?

  maybe i must let him go and let my heart hurt than my friend heart will suffer . if he knows that i love him, maybe he would not to choose me because he can find another girl that is better than me . who knows if that girl is my friend . before he leaves me, i want to tell him something, THANK YOU BECAUSE BEING MY FRIEND AND BEING MY ANGEL !!

                                                                                           - eyka - :)

xoxo, syaaa

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To him. The one who always make me smile. The one who seems to be protective to me. The one who care about me more than himself. I heart you Dear :')