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even though i tell it not to go .. even though i tell it to stop .. my heart keeps going towards u ..
n it doesn't wear out .. it doesn't decrease .. why is my love like this ??

one by one i count the memories .. my heart can't stop even for a moment .. n it's so hard to bear ..
so hard to control .. why can't i erase the memories ??

even when i hold out my hands .. even when i scream ur name .. ur still far away from me ..
it ' ll be a love that leaves painful scars ..

why can't i stop loving u ? i try to comfort myself with the lie .. that i 'll be happy if u are happy ..
because the one u go to is not to me .. my tears keep falling down ..

i must have gone crazy over u .. i can't have u .. i can't forget u .. waiting for u day after day ..
i must have fallen ill from.. missing u so much n .. loving u so much ..

just one thing that i want .. ur heart .. can't u share it with me ? I LOVE U .. i only love u ..
can't u tell me u love me too ??

xoxo, syaaa

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To him. The one who always make me smile. The one who seems to be protective to me. The one who care about me more than himself. I heart you Dear :')