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eyka go tasek perdana ♡
Tuesday • 9:02 AM • 0 comments

Annyeonghaseyo !
cuty skolaa niy busann arr .. eyka x tawu nak buwat pew .. tdi,, eyka gi taman tasek perdana ..
here a few picture .. eyka amek gmbr wktu eyka at sana ..

gmbr ats niy mnunjukkn eyka tired glew2 wktu uhh .. not eyka tgh nanges yew ! all this picture taken by yea loly .. know her ?? she is my sister .. MY BELON ssh sanadd nk on9 fb .. haishhh .. daa brjanggut eyka niy tunggu dyea .. eyka pown plik cm nerr eyka ley dew janggut ?? coz i'm a girl not boy .. hahahha .. guwau jew .. smpayy siny jew ..
Annyeong !

xoxo, syaaa

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To him. The one who always make me smile. The one who seems to be protective to me. The one who care about me more than himself. I heart you Dear :')