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Tuesday • 9:03 PM • 0 comments

mmm .. asalamualaikum .. haha .. gud to be back .. sdey laa .. x ley pindah skola .. so kene stay at smk cheras
laa .. mmm .. cadang nk pindah pastu duk sme2 kwn lme .. tpi ,, x trtunai plak hajat niy .. nk bwat cm nerr ?? dh naseb badan .. tpi kire oke laa lgi .. kwn bawu yg rpat ngan aq x pndah .. alhamdulillah .. hehe .. still x tawu nk upgrade blog niy spaye lgi cantekk .. adew spew2 tawu ?? kalu tawu tlg ajarkn bley x ?? hehe .. smpai siny jew dlue .. nnty smbung balek key .. asalamualaikum ... muahxxx .. haha .. <3

xoxo, syaaa

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To him. The one who always make me smile. The one who seems to be protective to me. The one who care about me more than himself. I heart you Dear :')